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New BASIX Targets

BASIX New Targets

As BASIX new targets have been rolled out since July the 1st 2017, the nature of our work has changes quite a lot, as demands have increase significantly.

The new BASIX targets mainly affect the thermal comfort section as BASIX heating and cooling loads parameters have been altered significantly.

What this means. Pre-July 1st 2017, in climate zone 56 for example (coastal Sydney) heating load limits on average were 51 MJ/m2.annum and cooling load limits were 45 MJ/m2.annum.

Currently, under the new BASIX thermal comfort targets, in the same climate zone, heating load limits on average are 40 MJ/m2.annum and cooling load limits were 26 MJ/m2.annum.

What does this mean for the new developments?

  • Basically, the building must be able to perform better both in summer and winter in order to meet minimum requirements

  • Window areas may need to be reduced in comparison the old standards

  • Window specifications may need to be increased and sometimes significantly to meet new standards

  • Higher levels of insulation may need to be added

  • Higher thermal mass can be considered

  • Higher build costs all up

  • Better homes to live in

  • Much lower running cost of the buildings

  • More environmentally friendly buildings

What is currently a hindrance, and what we as assessors have asked the regulators, is to allow us to model ceiling fans as they play a very important role in keeping the dwelling cool in summer. They also allow for lower window specifications overall, hence keeping costs to lower levels, however in NSW, currently we do not have this option available to us.

If you are about to start designing your new project, look for;

  1. Orientation and sun exposure are two very important factors, so where possible use them ti benefit your outcomes

  2. Build as close to the square shape as possible. Long and narrow buildings tend to suffer either in summer or winter and in some cases throughout the year

  3. Limit as much as possible glazing areas

  4. Utilize openable windows rather than fixed where possible

  5. Keep an open mind for colour tone scheme as they play an important role too

We hope that this short article has been useful and if you like ti find out more, you can contact us as

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