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The AENEC team

Dimitris Harakidas


As founder of AENEC, Dimitri’s goal is to make the company an industry standard. His functional roles include, but are not limited to:


• Strategic Planning
• Business Development
• Quality assurance 
• Project Management 

BASIX assessments 
BCA Section J reports 
BCA JV3 simulations 
NatHERS simulations


Dimitri is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in the assessment and evaluation of buildings, infrastructure and processes and been exposed in a very broad set of industries throughout his career.


He likes to challenge himself by learning new skills constantly. He has worked quite successfully as a mechanical engineering manager, mechanical engineer, sales person, aircraft mechanic, coffee machines technician, had a company overseas as a builder and so on.

He loves multitasking and project managing and finds a lot of interest in optimizing buildings and working with clients to achieve the best possible outcome. He has great negotiation skills, and is a flexible thinker and doer.


He is a qualified Carbon Manager, a certified Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) assessor, and an accredited House Energy Rating Accredited Assessor with Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA). He is also Other areas of expertise include explosion proof (Exd) designs for materials handling equipment.


Dimitri is committed to continuous improvement and works hard to maintain the knowledge and skill base required to ensure the highest level of service in a rapidly evolving industry.


Dimitri is the author of the eBook called - The 99

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Yanni Fragkoulidis


Yanni is a Mechanical Engineer and a highly technically qualified and experienced 

professional, specializing in the BCA JV3 alternative solution, servicing our clients needs 

for Class 3-9 projects.


Over the years he has gained considerable expertise in managing MEP design projects. 

Through the implementation of various software packages dedicated for each job 

(AutoCAD, 4M MEP Engineering software suite, EnergyPlus, Open Studio and others) he canaccomplish the best result in the most economical way.


He is an expert in the use of a multitude of specialized CAD software suites, e.g. 4MCad 

(professional CAD software), 4M BIM Idea (Architectural Design), 4M MEP (Mechanical, 

Electrical Plumbing software), 4M GCad, and other dedicated software for lighting and 

HVAC equipment selection. 


He has also considerable expertise in the management of large scale projects, on-site supervision, monitoring and management of staff and external contractors, acquired

through more than 20 years of working experience giving him in depth understanding of 

engineering construction design and financial aspects of ab initio project management.


He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (CEng MIMechE), a member of Engineers Australia 

(MIEAust) and a Registered Energy Inspector overseas. 


He is committed to hard work and to fulfill the needs of our clients

Natascha Harakidas


With an extensive background in big international corporations, Natascha is adding the corporate flavor to our business mix.


Natascha is a qualified NatHERS Assessor.


From her experience as Operations Manager in the Customer Service field, Natascha believes in the importance of a state of the art customer experience for our clients.


Her functional role includes NatHERS assessments/services, human resources, general administration & corporate structure as well as customer service.

You can contact Natascha via

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