Ventilation Systems


For basement or subfloor applications when moisture is a problem, or when there isn't enough fresh air, a fresh air supply system is the solution.

AENEC designs and supervises the installation of ventilation systems as per AS1668.2.

  • Air supply rates are calculated as per AS1668.2.

  • Noise levels are recorded.

  • A 24/7 timer is normally installed and the air supply fan is running between 10am and 3pm daily unless overridden*.

  • The fan ratings are as low as possible and typically below 100w for most applications. As a result a basement always has fresh and dryer air.

  • When occupants will spend more hours in there, the air supply must be overridden manually. 


*Various options exist for overriding the air supply timer.


All work is installed by qualified personel and the electric work is performed by certified electricians. The work is guaranteed and results are immediate.

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