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GAS instantaneous hot water system VS ELECTRIC instantaneous hot water system. Which is the GREENER

The BASIX system assesses both of the above and when calculations are done, provides with the overall energy consumption score of the dwelling. Very interesting though is the huge difference of the results when all else being equal and the only difference in the calculation is the selection of the hot water system.

Studies have shown that on an average household, 30% of the energy consumed is for the hot water needs. Obviously, it would make sense to use the most efficient system, right?

Also, we should expand our perspective and consider the reasons for sustainability and in turn reasons for regulatory schemes such as BASIX so to ensure the least possible impact on the environment by our actions, right?

As an industry expert, I was always puzzled by the fact that GAS systems actually receive so many ‘brownie’ points when it comes to the assessment of the energy performance of dwellings. It also puzzles me on how it also penalizes ELECTRIC hot water installations.

But it is cheaper to run gas, isn’t it?

Maybe it is in terms of dollars, however how does it stack up when it comes to environmental impact overall?

Of course, we live in a country where mainstream politicians are still arguing whether coal is better for the economy and there is no climate change due to our actions, so my arguments maybe a bit difficult to come through, nevertheless here it is.

Let’s compare an electric system that energy comes from coal – probably not ideal as science tells us.

Then an electric system that energy comes from the sun and/or wind and/or another RENEWABLE source.

Finally let’s compare a gas system that energy comes from ‘natural’ gas that fracking methodology has been used, chemicals on ground, polluting aquifers, and then emitting CO2 when it is burning to produce heat plus it is NOT a renewable energy source.

So how a GAS system is possibly a system which receives so much credit with BASIX?

BASIX is a fantastic system, however in my view should definitely look at the various parameters and a BASIX certificate is a result of the consideration of the WHOLE life cycle of each installation.

Thank you for reading!

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