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Build / Renovate for increased Sustainability - Part 2

Further to Part 1 of this series of blogs, the following considerations for higher energy efficiency and ease of compliance with BASIX and BCA are applicable to most cases.


Another key aspect is the insulation. Generally speaking ceiling insulation followed by wall insulation are the key factors for improving energy efficiency (excluding windows) for most dwellings. Although builders do not like to use wall insulation as it makes their work more complicated especially for cavity brick walls, I cannot stress enough the importance of this step.

Ceiling insulation is typically the easiest form if insulation to be installed, however it is very important to make sure that ceiling penetrations are secured and do not pose a fire hazard, so both proper installation of insulation is required and correct light fittings must be purchased.

In some climate zones insulating the concrete slab on ground is beneficial and in other situations it is not. Expert advise is required from a building energy efficiency consultant.

Thermal mass.

That is another component which plays a big role in the overall performance of buildings. There are also different ways to apply thermal mass.

Generally speaking thicker slabs enhance temperature stability of the dwelling and that also applies to masonry internal walls. Star rating may not be greatly altered via the increase of thermal mass, however more thermal mass means more temperature stability. Having said that, that isn't always good as an uninsulated high thermal mass wall for instance could provide adverse effects both in summer and in winter if proper design considerations are not implemented.

Once again expert advise is required from a building energy efficiency consultant.

Thank you for reading; more to follow.

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