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Industry Updates

On 3rd November 2016, NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman announced a

new strategic plan that sets out priority investment areas and potential actions

using $500 million of new funding from the $1.4 billion Climate Change Fund over

the next five years to transition to a net zero emissions future by 2050, including

measures to:

  1. Increasing BASIX targets for new homes as off July 2017

  2. Provide ratings for homes at the point of sale (initially voluntary in 2018 and then

  3. required by 2020)

  4. Improve energy standards for new commercial buildings by advocating for new

  5. standards

  6. Upgrade social housing by reviewing and expanding the Home Energy Action program

  7. Investigate the introduction of energy standards for common areas in apartment

  8. buildings

  9. Investigate the introduction of energy standards for retail tenancies

  10. Improve energy performance of tenanted homes

The above show that the industry is becoming more involved in the move towards environmental improvements.

We will keep you posted.

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