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Residential Projects 

At AENEC we use AccuRate SustainabilityFirstRate5  and BERS Pro; giving you all available options for NatHERS assessments/certifications to match

the special requirements of any project.

In addition we utilize CAD technology to perform data inputs for the best possible accuracy.

Note: As Energy standards for new homes are set to rise in 2022, we recommend you start considering this options for future projects. See in Link of our blog page.

NatHERS (National House Energy Rating Scheme)


AENEC is an expert in this field with hundreds of assessment already done.


Thermal simulation software

AENEC is currently using the AccuRate thermal simulation software.



The aim is to make developments meet the minimum performance standards by using the most economical in terms of thermal performance materials/components and based on the design parameters. If needed, adjustments of materials/components will be recommended in order to achieve the desirable results.


What we offer:

  • Professional service

  • Free fee proposals

  • Industry leading turn around times

  • Full electronic processing

  • Site inspections to determine correct installations

  • ABSA Certificates

  • Full industry knowledge and all the latests techniques


For an obligation free quotation, contact AENEC now!



Site visits & Inspections


If required, site visits will be arranged and carried out as agreed, in order to ensure that installations are performed as required in various stages, and will provide a building certificate stating that everything is installed within the BASIX and BCA parameters/requirements as specified. This process is very useful for obtaining the OC easily. 

As of June 2015 BASIX has issued a new specification which all drawings must adhere to for the purposes of a NatHERS Thermal Comfort Simulation Assessment. Please be advised the AENEC is fully compliant with the latest version of AccuRate Sustainability.





Dwelling types for BASIX 


As the commitments made in the BASIX Certificate will be checked by the certifier before an occupation certificate is issued, it is very important that the right options for your project are selected. 

That is why you need to use our professional service. As we do BASIX assessments, BASIX certificates day in and day out, we have all the required experience and we will ensure that you will not be out of pocket with unnecessary provisions and technical solutions.



BASIX - New Homes & Apartment Buildings - NSW only


All new houses and apartment buildings are required to have a BASIX certificate completed as part of development applications. The Basix tool has three segments;


Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy.


To address the thermal comfort section of BASIX, AENEC provide their clients a thermal simulation by using the AccuRate software and is able to provide you with complete and accurate design advice.


AENEC also specialises in multi-unit BASIX certifications for apartment buildings and having assessed many multi-unit projects we have an extensive knowledge of the process.


For our multi-unit fee schedule, please contact us.



BASIX - Additions & Alterations


In NSW, extensions and/or alterations to existing homes that have a construction cost in excess of $50,000 are required to have BASIX certification, however optional BASIX certification is available for all other applications and is recommended.


Development applications only containing new pools with a volume in excess of 40,000 litres require a BASIX certification as well.


The energy and water savings commitments for home Alterations & Additions are;

  • 40% of all new light fittings must be of new technology (energy saving).

  • All new plumbing installations must have a minimum rating of 3 stars.

  • All new walls, ceilings, floors and roofs  are assessed and likely to be insulated.

  • All new skylights are assessed.

  • If a new pool is installed, a rain tank and / or a pool cover may be required to be installed. The pool filter must also be controlled by a timer.

  • Electric storage hot water unit are no longer acceptable by law except from some applications.


AENEC has completed a large number of Alterations Additions BASIX certifications.




For any Requests or Information, GOTO contact page

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